As market leaders in waste management, Malcolm Construction re-uses and recycles construction and demolition waste in a safe and cost effective manner, with the minimum of environmental impact.

Our strategically located and fully licensed sites ensure that waste is handled in accordance with current legislation, which typically accounts for around 1 million tonnes of waste per year ranging from construction to hazardous and contaminated waste materials.

We also aim to lead the construction industry in the supply of quality recycled aggregates, an objective which has required us to build greater flexibilities into our processes to meet the reaction time expectations of our customers alongside the ever –changing market conditions. In this way we ensure our products are fit for purpose, our services are competitive and our customers are confident in our delivery.

Malcolm Construction is committed to diverting as much material away from landfill as possible. This commitment has lead to the complete overhaul of the current recycling system at South Street which included the purchase of a state of the art CRS recycling system & kinetic flip flow system.

This new system is capable of handling over 1500 tons of waste per week, which has enabled Malcolm Construction to recycle more products than ever before, at a higher quality and achieving higher quantities and landfill diversion rates.