Our walking floor trailer fleet is designed to our own unique high specification, providing a versatile, practical and reliable source with which to service the multi-operational needs of our customers.
Due to their versatility in providing both high cube volume and significant payload return, road journeys are reduced, delivering cost efficiencies to the customer, with significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Key features of our walking floors include:

  • 106/112 cm3 capacity aluminum body.
  • 2.95 metre inside height access for high volume palletised products.
  • Seven tonne rated floor allowing FLT access for dock load/offload.
  • On board load weight indicator system linked to in cab multi-functional display.
  • Wireless remote controlled moving floor.
  • Load inspection window
  • Electrically operated roof sheet systems

Safety features of our walking floors:

  • Magic eye forward/reverse safety system.
  • Bi Line fall prevention system for operator safety.
  • Haldex EBS brakes with Rollover Prevention System.
  • Harsh electrically operated roof sheeting systems for driver safety and efficiency.

All our vehicles are fitted with the internet based Falcon Tracking System, providing real-time control, management and accountability of our fleet. Aligned to our modern traffic planning technology, this allows us to meet the demands of our customer base, 24/7 and 365 days of the year.


Operational Application

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Primary bulk material movements South, from locations across the Central belt of Scotland, include recovered paper / DRW and comingled materials, but also include a broad range of other type materials – pelleted biomass products, plastics, waste gypsum etc.

Primary movements within the UK and North to Scotland include empty glass bottles / recovered paper / biomass products / waste wood grades / compost etc.