Malcolm Logistics 50’ Big Box Container is set to revolutionise the way goods will be moved in the future.  In parallel, we have also engineered a versatile new trailer which is easily and safely extended to accommodate our new super-sized containers.

Our customers now have the facility to move 15% more freight per journey (over the largest available conventional container).  And by using a combination of our eco-friendly Road and Rail services, we are able to achieve a 13% reduction in CO2 emissions per pallet.

Malcolm Logistics big box and trailer innovations could make the difference to your business from both financial and green prospective.


Some useful facts

  • Malcolm Logistics operate 24 trains per week between Grangemouth and Daventry
  • Malcolm’s new 50’ Container will accommodate 30 pallets of goods (4 more than a 45’ Container)
  • Malcolm Group are committed participants in the Governments 10 year “Long Trailer Trial” and have allocated 101 trailer lengths @15.65mtrs and 34 @14.6mtrs for this purpose
  • The current Megafret type Rail Wagon will easily accommodate container lengths of 50’ [15.24m] maximum


 Trailer Compliance

  • Our new trailer, in its road legal condition, laden with a 45’ container, is fully compliant with Construction and Use Regulations
  • By embracing the latest steer axle technology, we meet the turning circle requirements defined in C & U Regulations and the Longer Trailer Trial Technical Requirements.
  • In its 50’ position our new trailer meets the requirements of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations.


 Economy example

  • WHM Grangemouth – Daventry = 330 rail miles @ 0.8mpg. 412.5 gallons / 1875 litres gas oil.
  • Total direct Greenhouse Gas emissions for Gas Oil per litre = 2.93kgs
  • Total emissions for journey = 5493.75kgs CO2e @ 936 pallets = 5.86kgs
  • CO2e per pallet @ 1080 pallets = 5.08kgs
  • CO2e per pallet = 13.3% further reduced using our longer length container