In 2008 Malcolm Rail became the Terminal Operator of the Daventry International Railfreight Terminal - DIRFT. Malcolm Rail partners with ProLogis who have invested jointly in the DIRFT rail operation.

DIRFT currently handles over 100 train services per week, for all major freight operating companies such as DB Cargo, Direct Rail Services, Freightliner, and GB Railfreight.

DIRFT was born as an intenational rail hub, and today continues to handle several European services. The UK coverage offered by rail services handled through DIRFT allows users to hub core flows, for example connecting Northern Italy to Scotland with minimal delay and removing the need to serve each destination with separate services when volume may not make it viable.

Current container lifting volumes are around 130,000 units per annum, handled by a modern fleet of reachstackers. These volumes are anticipated to grow by up to 30% over the next few years.

DIRFT is proud to have some of the worlds largest shipping lines, retailers and manufacturers as its customer base. Each of these clients can have bespoke requirements, including reporting and container control which can be used to provide added value from the basic terminal product.

Alongside our high performing rail logistics service, we are also proud to offer one of the highest departure performance levels of any UK inland intermodal terminal, This is achieved by working together with Network Rail, the rail operator and users of the train.

Our integrated Container Terminal Management System handles all Rail Terminal and Container activities throughout the UK. In addition to greatly enhancing our operational systems, the system provides valuable management information which is used to increase our operational efficiency.