Andrew Malcolm CEO of The Malcolm Group and Colin Prior, internationally renowned landscape photographer, teamed up to launch the latest range of die cast models featuring Colin’s iconic Scottish landscapes on our specialist equipment walking floor trailer fleet.

The limited edition collection is made up of 8 Scania R Highline cabs each coupled with a walking floor trailer, featuring a stunning Scottish landscape as captured by Colin. These extraordinary landscapes reinforce Malcolm’s environmental credentials and values by aligning itself with green imagery. The simple tag line “Greener Cleaner Logistics Services” clearly articulates our company ethos.

The Environmental link is clear as they are especially well suited to support the bulk movement of biomass and material for recycling, as well as handling more conventional palletised freight. The Malcolm Logistics walking floor fleet also includes longer length trailers – which can carry up to 15% more than standard trailers to reduce the number of load moves required.  

Malcolm’s fleet of walking floor trailers covers thousands of miles across the length and breadth of the UK every day, providing travellers with welcome relief from the monotony of everyday motorway traffic.

Designed to our own unique high specification, they provide a versatile, practical and reliable resource with which to service the multi-operational needs of our customers.

Andrew and Colin are pictured together at The Donald Malcolm Heritage Centre, which was built by Andrew Malcolm, in memory of his father, Donald, known and respected as one of the greatest and most enigmatic businessmen ever seen in the Scottish Road transport industry.