In-line with Euro VI heavy duty vehicle emission standards, Malcolm Logistics is trialling various marques of Euro VI standard tractor units to evaluate performance and reliability against their Euro V predecessors.

Three manufacturers are involved in Malcolm Logistics' vehicle supply tender for the units, which will see vehicles presently part of the 475-strong fleet, being replaced with the new Euro VI models.

Trials will run until mid-2014, by which time there will be sufficient data on the performance and reliability of each unit to enable a decision on which marques will be incorporated into the fleet.

Steve Sugden, Fleet Engineer for Malcolm Logistics says, "The trials will help us establish reliability and fuel consumption of new Euro VI technology and the hope is that neither have been compromised to meet the new vehicle standards."

The main elements of Euro VI are a further tightening of vehicle emission limits for particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOX) from the previous Euro V limits. It is projected that Euro VI limits will reduce emissions of NOX by 80 per cent, particulate matter by 67 per cent, and hydrocarbons by 71 per cent from the limits set at Euro V levels.

The outcome is that fewer harmful emissions will be discharged from the exhaust resulting in substantial environmental benefits.
Steve Sugden said, "As part of our commitment to the environment we are constantly turning to new technologies to reduce our environmental impact and CO2 footprint. We also strive to run the most fuel efficient vehicles available to us to so we can continue to supply a cost effective service to our customers."

The introduction of Euro VI heavy duty vehicle emission standards were to be adhered to from 31st December 2012 for new vehicle types, and have to be met by 31st December 2013 for all new vehicle registrations.