Hilary Storm, during her 7 years in Uganda, co-founded a Nursery and Primary School in the impoverished rural Kumi district in North Eastern Uganda.  To help support the school, a charity named Friends of Hilary Storm School Uganda (FOHSSU) was formed in 2012.

Based in Dalry, FOHSSU aims to help the school towards its goal of self-sustainability and has currently raised, in total, over £40,000 though fund raising, donations, legacies and trust endowments.  In 2014/15 a goal was set to raise £20,000 for a truck to supply all the needs of the school. With the help of the Malcolm Group and Wilson’s Auctions, the new truck is now on its way to Uganda.

A FOHSSU spokesperson commented "We are extremely grateful to all who have donated time, helped raise funds, given donations and practical help to achieve this goal. We are particularly indebted to the Malcolm Group and Wilson's Auctions Ltd for their practical help and support in locating, inspecting, improving and arranging the purchase of the now magnificent vehicle".

The truck was handed over to Hilary and her team by the Malcolm Group's CEO Andrew Malcolm at The Donald Malcolm Heritage Centre, Linwood. The truck will enable the School to save more than 10% on all costs associated with transporting food, building equipment, firewood, materials, educational needs and people. It will also generate much needed income to help maintain the School, by working with the local community.

Andrew Malcolm commented "The Malcolm Group is delighted to help facilitate another of FOHSSU’s ambitions and we hope the arrival of this new truck will catapult the community towards a self-sustainable existence".