Since its launch, the Heritage Centre and its vehicles have had many visitors.

Recently, it saw two very enjoyable visits from both East Fulton Primary School in Linwood and Cochrane Castle Primary School in Johnstone.

East Fulton Primary School paid a visit to the Heritage Centre as part of their Enterprise Week. Pupils from primary 5B were shown around the vehicles by George Johnson, learning about the history of each vehicle and how they were used within the running of the company.

Cochrane Castle Primary School later paid a visit, which was organised by primary 7 pupil Leah Hocking. Pupils from primary 4 up to primary 7 attended and were shown around by Malcolm Logistics Driver Trainer, John Heirs.

Pupils from both schools were given the chance to enter a colouring or spot the difference competition. Thank you to all of the pupils who took part and well done for such fantastic entries.

The winning individuals of the colouring competition were;

Nathan McGall from East Fulton Primary and Carla McGoldrick from Cochrane Castle Primary and they each won a Malcolm model.

The winner of the spot the difference competition was;

Sophie Ann Stephenson of East Fulton Primary who won a £10 Argos voucher.