The Malcolm Group has shown their commitment to safety in the supply chain as part of a new national campaign.  

Safer Business, Stronger Scotland was recently launched by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) and focuses on supporting a strong economic base for Scotland by helping businesses to be more resilient to the threat of potential risks. 

Earlier this month the Malcolm Group, whose headquarters are in Linwood, Renfrewshire, decided to join a growing network of businesses by taking a ‘Padlock Pledge’ and committing to safety in the supply chain. 

Derek Milne, Security Manager said: “I pledge that the Malcolm Group will continue to work towards a blended security solution, incorporating manpower and technology which will provide a safe and secure environment for all aspects of the business. This will ensure that the Malcolm Group will continue to provide a resilient and secure platform for our customers.” 

By taking the Padlock Pledge, the Malcolm Group join a network of businesses who are committed to making a difference by making themselves more resilient. 

Stewart Hurry, SSCS Project Manager and Secure Transport Lead for SBRC said: “I am delighted to see the Malcolm Group take our Safer Business Stronger Scotland pledge. Malcolm's have been members of the Secure Supply Chain Scotland group since its inception, ensuring a focus on security and business resilience. 

Their willingness to take the pledge shows that they are constantly looking at making improvements which will protect their own business, but this also ensures added security and confidence for their customers. We look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with the company and their staff in the future.” 

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