Originating as a family-owned business in the 1920’s, The Malcolm Group has become one of the leading providers of logistics, construction and maintenance services in the UK.

Since appointing Briggs Equipment UK as its preferred supplier of materials handling equipment as part of an extensive materials handling capability review, Briggs has supplied over 137 pieces of new equipment across a range of sites including a number of sites that they manage on behalf of their customers. 

Briggs has already supplied the company with 111 Hyster forklift trucks plus an additional 26 machines, which are a mix of Aisle-Master articulated trucks, ride-on powered pallet trucks, sweepers and scrubber dryers.

The Hyster forklift fleet is made up of H2.0FTS, H2.5FT, H3.0FT and H3.5FT machines, widely acknowledged as some of the toughest and most fuel-efficient IC trucks on the market, and have been deployed to support one of Malcolm Logistics’ customers in the drinks industry. The 2.5t, 3t and 3.5t machines were fitted with cascade push/pull attachments, carton clamps and double pallet handlers to improve their ability to load and transport goods. 

Specially ‘wrapped’ in their own unique corporate identity, the trucks were specified with the Hyster Tracker wireless asset management system, which is designed to reduce operational costs and CO2 emissions by improving operator performance and overall fleet efficiency.

Following a site survey carried out by Briggs’ and Hako, an additional seven pieces of equipment have recently been delivered to the Leven site, including two Hyster H2.0FTS and five Hako cleaning machines for indoor use in the despatch, materials store and bottling halls. 

The new cleaning fleet included two compact ride-on Sweepmaster 900Rs, a Sweepmaster 1500 RH which is a large powerful vacuum sweeper, a ride-on Scrubmaster B120R which is a scrubber drier with the ability to access areas previously only reached by pedestrian equipment, and a Scrubmaster B45 which is a smaller pedestrian scrubber drier. 

With over five million sq. ft. of warehousing space across key locations in Central Scotland, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Avonmouth and Northamptonshire, having a stringent cleaning strategy in place is important for health and safety of operations within Malcolm Logistics. 

It is common sense that keeping a tidy work environment reduces safety hazards, but leaving debris over the warehouse floor can also cause unnecessary damage to the equipment that drives over the top of it. Discarded material such as pallet wrap is a hazard for moving vehicles. Damage caused to axles by plastic banding and strapping is an easily avoidable cost. Dust and other debris blocks radiators and clogs air filters. This disrupts planned maintenance schedules designed to keep your operation running smoothly and at minimal cost. Cleaning out these blockages, with its associated time-is-money delays, is a preventable issue. 

Expensive equipment isn’t the only source of issues from airborne dust. Long term exposure for employees can have equally damaging implications for employers as injuries do. 

Whether you have the resources to manage cleaning tasks in-house with dedicated or rotating resource or you choose to outsource cleaning to a contractor, you can be sure that there are options available and support in place. Whereas previously the prospect of acquiring cleaning equipment would mean outright purchase and management level approval, the market is changing. When asset management specialist Briggs Equipment was announced as the national dealer for the Hako range of cleaning equipment in the UK, this brought with it a number of benefits. As an equipment contract hire provider, the prospect of paying weekly helps budgeting and frees up cash for other investment. With a team of 600 mobile engineers, an in-house finance company and experience supporting organisations with varied fleets of machinery, the landscape is now very different.

 In the event that you contract out your requirements to a 3rd party, you know that by using Hako equipment they can be as competitive as possible and have the reliability to give you confidence the task will be done. 

Briggs Equipment UK works with a great many customers, helping businesses of all sizes in a range of industries to meet their business objectives.  For more information on the goods and services Briggs provides visit www.briggsequipment.co.uk.