At the recent Motor Transport Awards, which celebrates the achievements of the Industry, Malcolm Logistics won two prestigious awards in front of more than 1,500 guests -The Low Carbon Award and The Innovation Award. 

The Low Carbon Award, for Malcolm’s 50ft container and road trailer innovation, was judged to have successfully integrated rail freight in the carbon equation in a simple, effective way. 

Malcolm Logistics runs 24 trains every week between three terminals and has become a leading participant in the DfT’s longer semi-trailer trial.  Seeing the potential to reduce carbon emissions through the development of a longer container for transportation on the same rail wagon, Malcolm Logistics took a standard 13.6m container and lengthened it to 15.24m. 

After a rigorous testing and approval, they modified 39 more and designed an extended road trailer (15.6m skeletal) capable of carrying these unique containers, while adhering to the appropriate, unyielding legislation.  

The judges were excited about the potential of Malcolm’s winning concept with one panel member noting "if it was adopted down the line across the industry it would do nothing short of change the market". The Low Carbon award was presented to the Malcolm Group’s CEO, Andrew Malcolm.

Malcolm Logistics, jointly with SDC Trailers, was also pleased to accept The Innovation Award for the 15.6m extendable skeletal trailer.  Growing concerns about its CO2 emissions and road congestion led Malcolm Logistics to commission SDC Trailers to develop an extendable trailer that would accommodate a 50ft rail container for use either side of its rail operation.  

So far, Malcolm Logistics has 20 of their 15.6m extendable skeletal trailers on the road, which has reduced the number of trailers required, with resultant savings on both fuel usage and carbon emissions. This entry was deemed the clear winner among the judging panel, with one judge noting that the trailer was "a subtle but complex mechanical solution". 

Delighted with both awards, Andrew Malcolm commented "The WH Malcolm business has consistently sought ways to innovate, add value to our customers and remove cost from the supply chain.  It was that approach which first took us into rail, and gave a platform for moving significant volumes of goods off the road network and thus reducing the carbon footprint".