Following a difficult start to 2016 with the closure of the West Coast Main Line (WCML) north of Lockerbie at Lamington, Malcolm Rail is pleased to report that it is back to business as usual on their daily Anglo Scottish Rail services.

Since the line reopened 2 weeks ago, Malcolm Rail services are back to 100% northbound right time performance. The closure had caused disruption with increased transit times and delayed arrivals. However, by working in close partnership with both customers and Rail Operator DB Cargo, Malcolm Rail was able to continue offering daily services during an exceptionally challenging period.

Malcolm Rail recognises the challenges faced by Network Rail in repairing the failed bridge were immense, including the remote location and the large scale of the weather damage.

David Turner, Director of Rail commented "We fully supported closing the line for the safety of all traffic. This was an industry response in very difficult circumstances, where successful partnerships and practical solutions make a difference."

Having achieved 97% arrival performance in the full year of 2015, Malcolm Rail is very pleased to be back at this performance level already.