David Balmer, Environmental Manager at The Malcolm Group, was thrilled to be presented with the Scottish Environmental Haulier of the Year Award for 2011. He said, "It was an honour to have our policy, investments and procedures recognised by our peers." Malcolm Logistics has taken several measures to reduce its carbon footprint and make its processes and operations more environmentally efficient. David adds, "As with most logistical operators we have trialled many fuel efficiency measures to reduce our primary impact - that being CO2 emissions. Driver training, air deflectors, drag reduction measures and low rolling resistance tyres have all played a part – some more significantly than others."

The Group has its own Environmental Department to oversee the impact of its carbon footprint and ways in which this can be improved within the organisation. This has proved decisive in the strategic planning of the Group’s environmental commitment. "We take our impacts very seriously and are constantly reviewing where we can make less of an impact through our operations such as fuel usage, training, waste management, resource recovery and recycling, from offices to workshops, warehouses to customer facilities. We consider all opportunities to make a concerted effort and reduce our overall impact," explains David.