The Malcolm Group recently purchased 8 new Legras FMA moving floor trailers, these are hi specification lightweight specialised multi purpose trailers, utilising a hydraulically operated moving floor.

This means the trailers can load and unload a wide variety of products, these could be loose bulk materials like newspaper or magazines, woodchip or peleted products and then backload goods on pallets like glass bottles, paper reels drinks etc, there is very little these trailers can't move.

Primarily they will transport newspaper, magazine and waste paper out of Scotland to North Wales for use in manufacturing paper reels for newsprint from 100% recycled products. We also transport the finished reels to the end user; this really is a cradle to grave and back again service, offering an increased payload/axle which reduces the number of journeys for our client and also empty running.

Some of the features of the trailers are:-

  • 106m3 Capacity Aluminium Body
  • Lightweight Mercedes Disc Brake Axles
  • Haldex EBS Brakes with Rollover Protection System
  • Wireless Remote Control for Moving Floor Operation
  • Bi - line Fall Prevention System for Driver Safety (on top of the trailer)
  • On Board Weighing, Linked to Dynafleet System - Allows remote monitoring of weight at all times.

The multi functional equipment has been introduced and successfully trialed across a range of customers and products.

Legras Industries are an independent family owned company, founded in 1919. Located in Eperney, France, they are one of Europe's leading supplier's of bulk moving floor trailers and have manufactured them for over 30 years.

This is The Malcolm Group's first order with Legras Industries for trailers. Operating as part of Malcolm Logistics extensive fleet, the trailers will be running to and from various sites in the UK.

Andrew Malcolm, Chief Executive of the Malcolm Group commented, "Quality and service is paramount to our business and is derived from our continual investment in the latest vehicles, cutting edge technology and training. Our decision to invest in Legras trailers was made easy by the excellent quality of these trailers. This is our first order from Legras Industries but hopefully we can work together again in the future."